Aldermann Tee GmbH is supplier of tea and tea products under registered trade mark ALDERMANN. The brand is comprised of pure and blended tea, natural bottled iced tea, table ware and accessories – all made in Germany. Each product of the brand is very easy to handle. We offer to our clients the best-sold product range and keep it updated.

The company’s name ALDERMANN has been inherited from the known Medieval vendor`s family. Nowadays’ Aldermann Tee is the dynamic 21-century company, which produces in the careful natural way, that makes ALDERMANN tea extremely delicious.

“The gentle processing and the freshest ingredients are the ground for the ALDERMANN-rate quality!”

Our product range is optimal for each client. The tea makers are the internationally known experts of wide knowledge and good taste. We offer pure and blended tea, as well as various fashionable mixes always excellent in taste and in flavour.

The ingredient’s quality is the object of monitoring since farming in the land of origin till the final lab testing in Germany.

We do all the best to maintain the leverage from producer to client as short as possible. Thank to that you are guaranteed to receive the goods absolutely fresh!